Squares Vest


Propaganda Agency's Squares collection was inspired by late 60s-early 70s tennis wear, and this particular piece is a perfect example of our "modern retro" aesthetic! Neglected in fashion for far too long, the sweater vest really is an amazing addition to any wardwrobe. Our Squares Vest is knitted from 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton that is organic starting from the seed level for a delightfully soft hand feel. Our squares design element provides an unusually luxe texture. And of course, this vest is the perfect layering piece that will rocket your mood to happiness every time you wear it.

Available in Navy with multicolored trim at v-neck.

Treat your Propaganda Agency knitted piece with care to ensure you will enjoy your knitwear for years! Store gently folded on a shelf or in a drawer, or fold over a wood hanger so your piece doesn't stretch, and dry clean.